With the summer under way and folks finally being able to travel and get out and enjoy themselves. The question is where should they go?

If you stay in state, there are so many fun camping spots to choose from but what would be the perfect spot?

Listen, Glacier and Yellowstone are fantastic national parks but many of Montana state parks are also really cool as well.

Thrillist came out with a list of the 30 Best State Parks in America and one from Montana made the list.

The Makoshika State Park is located just outside of Glendive, Montana and is Montana's largest state park at over 11,000 acres.

Honestly though, there are several by Flathead Lake that could've made the list as well.

The reasons why Makoshika State Park was chosen is because it actually has some really cool features that is great for not only adults but for families and children.

Makoshika State Park houses many dinosaur fossils from Tyrannosaurus Rex's and Triceratops.

At their newly remodeled visitor center, they have a Triceratops skull and many fun interactive exhibits.

That's not all either, there is an outdoor amphitheater, lots of camping sites and many trails to check out.

If you are looking for a fun camping experience and maybe go to a place you never been before, you should give Makoshika State Park a try and go look for dinosaur bones, take a hike or just enjoy the night sky.

It's just over a five hour drive and we think everyone could go for some nice and easy camping this summer.

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