This report thinks Montanans should be a little bit more calm while driving.

The primary mode of transportation for most locals and travelers in Montana is driving. Some folks travel long distances for work, run errands, or have fun and use their vehicle to their destinations.

We don't have mass public transportation like subways or light rails, and taking your bike or scooter isn't feasible during the winter.

Photo by Lisanto via Unsplash
Photo by Lisanto via Unsplash

Driving is the best way to get around in Montana.

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The only problem is everyone doesn't drive the same or logically. That can be infuriating.

Some situations can be frustrating for drivers in Montana, like construction, accidents, and other mishaps impeding you from getting home or your final destination.

These problems can cause folks to get angry or road rage.

globalmoments/Getty Images
globalmoments/Getty Images

Road rage is an issue across America. There have been countless cases of accidents, altercations, and even fatalities involving road rage. 

We wouldn't believe Montanans have a road rage problem, but we do.

Consumer Affairs released a report about States With The Worst Road Rage, and Montana was very high on the list.

Montana ranks #3 for road rage incidents.

Windshield view of an angry driver man. Negative human emotions face expression
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Big Sky Country is between #2 New Mexico and #4 Colorado.

The category that catapulted Montana to the Top 3 for Road Rage is over 70% of accidents and road fatalities involved aggressive or careless driving.

Consumer Affairs believes the open spaces and the smaller police force encourage people to speed and be reckless while driving.

We have seen folks who speed on the freeways and highways. Some of them take risks when passing or weaving in and out of traffic, and that's dangerous for them and the other drivers on the road.

Should Montana look into this, or should we disagree? Let us know.

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