Well it's good to know that this whole report is wrong cause I would like to think most Montanan's are pretty happy here.

WalletHub put together of the Happiest States in America from a several different internal and external factors and Montana didn't do very well. According to this report, we aren't very happy.

Montana ranks just 38th for Happiest States in America.

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WalletHub broke down the rankings into three different factors: Emotional and Physical Well Being, Work Environment, and Community and Environment.

Montana ranked all the way at number five for Work Environment but the other two factors(Emotional and Physical Well Being and Community and Environment) we were ranked pretty low at #40 and #41.

We also ranked in the top five for highest adequate sleep rate and lowest long-term unemployment rate. Then again we ranked badly for highest suicide rate.

Listen, we could go over all these statistics and think Montana isn't one of the happiest states or you could literally walk into any Montana city or town and always see smiling faces and friendly people no matter where you go. I have lived in Montana most of my life and even though the winter can be extremely brutal, there isn't a batter place to live.

From the scenery to the activities to the solace. You literally can't beat Montana. You can't get beauty like this in California or in the Midwest. We are lucky where we live, Just cause we might not have all the big city amenities doesn't mean we aren't happy. They are just jealous.

For more details, check out the whole rankings from WalletHub.

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