I was driving down 19th on Sunday and I noticed a pretty large group of people standing alongside the road and was curious as to what they were all doing. So I decided to pull up and ask.

It was a rally for Medical Freedom. There were many hospital workers participating in the rally. Holding signs, cheering, and waving to cars that honked as they drove past. It seemed like they were getting a lot of support from the passing vehicles as a majority of them honked as I was there. I learned the rally was put on by Big Sky Liberty Alliance.

I talked to a woman that was there. Her husband works in a local medical facility within the county. I asked her "What exactly do you want to accomplish with today's rally?". To put it simply she and the others there wanted to say "we don't believe the government should be telling us what WE should be putting in our bodies." She and the others want to bring awareness to the fact that "they are still going to stand their ground".

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She stated that this is "Un-American, we are supposed to have freedom, and every day we lose a little bit, pretty soon we will not have any say in anything." I understand where she and her fellow rally buddies are coming from, I can understand both sides of this fence. They feel like this is just the start of government control.

She asked me a question, and I don't believe she was looking for an answer, I think she just wanted to insert some "food for thought". She asked me, "Did you know the flu has killed more people than Covid? Why is the flu shot not mandated?" I didn't answer her. But I do suppose it is a good question, one that could make for a very good conversation with the right educated person(s).

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