No wonder why I can't play video games and be on my phone at the same time, the internet is too slow to handle all of these things at once.

Have you ever wondered why if you live in a house with multiple people why the internet takes forever loading movies or tv shows or lags while playing video games? Well there is a pretty good reason. According to High Speed Internet, Montana has the slowest internet speed in the nation and it's absolutely brutal.

Home wifi network. Internet via router on phone,
Maksym Yemelynov/Getty Images

High Speed Internet says Montana has the average of a 54.4 mean download speed and we aren't much better than some of our neighboring states. Wyoming, Idaho, and South Dakota rank in the bottom ten for internet speeds. The problem is mostly Montana is a rural area and we just don't' have very many options for high quality internet.

If you are thinking this can't be right, well High Speed Internet did over 100 tests in over 3,000 cities for over a year to test speeds and last year internet was crucial with the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown and more people spending time indoors. Internet has become a necessity.

The thing is here in Bozeman, we don't have very many great options for internet either. We can either choose CenturyLink, Charter, Verizon or some random ones that don't even have great speed. There is Bozeman Fiber but that is only available in limited areas. If we could somehow spread that to all of Bozeman and maybe the Gallatin Valley, that would be huge.

For more details, check out High Speed Internet.

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