Make sure you have some extra money in your bank account if you plan on checking your bags.

Flying out of Montana used to be decently pricey, but these days, it's affordable, depending on where you're going. The Bozeman Airport has around 30 flights all across America.

Depending on where you are flying, there are several different airlines to check out, including Southwest, Alaska, Delta, and more.

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Each airline offers different services, amenities, and even comfier seats. Southwest offers two free checked bags as part of their service, but most flights charge for bags.

Photo by Rui Silvestre via Unsplash
Photo by Rui Silvestre via Unsplash

Most airlines charge anywhere between $25 to $40 for checked bags. That's for the first bag. Checking a second bag will cost you even more.

Why do people even check bags? Why not bring them with you on the plane?

Some bags are too heavy or bulky to fit in the overhead bins and loaded under the plane.

Photo by via Unsplash
Photo by via Unsplash

Why are we talking about checked bags? One airline will start introducing surge pricing with their checked bags.

Which airline? JetBlue.

What does surge pricing mean when it comes to baggage fees? During peak travel dates, checked bags will have a price increase. It's a wild move by an airline that is known for being affordable.

Photo by Erol Ahmed via Unsplash
Photo by Erol Ahmed via Unsplash

We could see other airlines possibly introducing this idea. When people pay for checked bags, they don't pay attention to the price. If the prices keep rising, folks might think twice about checking their bags.

What could happen with this new policy is forcing travelers to bring more bags or luggage onto planes and make them more cramped.

What airlines could you see add surge pricing? We think Allegiant.

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