Summer means travel, and for many Montanans, you don't have to go too far to find something to see and do here in The Treasure State.  Over the last couple of years and with the high price of gas, many locals have done a "Staycation" and decided to explore the state that they call home.

Not only does Montana offer a ton of different outdoor activities, but many of the towns across the state are filled with lots of history and wonderful retail options.

So for those of you that are planning to stay close to home, or if you just want to see more of Big Sky Country, we've got some must-see destinations for your summer fun and they're all right here in Montana.

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Dillion is not only home to Montana's Biggest Weekend with the annual Dillion Jaycees Rodeo, but the area also has several other things to check out.  Such as Clark's Lookout State Park, or you can check out a Ghost Town over at Bannack State Park. Plus, you can go fishing in the Beaverhead River, or check out one of the great restaurants Dillion has to offer.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

Virginia City

What many consider to be the oldest town in Montana, Virginia City is a must for summer fun.  The town has a ton of history and is just a couple of miles from Nevada City which is what Montana looked like back in the Gold Rush days.  Virginia City has all of the touristy things you would expect, plus one of the best Ice Cream Shops in the state. (I highly recommend the orange chocolate) Plus, for those of a certain age, I highly recommend the Brewery Follies.

Deer Lodge

You certainly won't regret a day in Deer Lodge.  Of course, home to the Old Montana State Prison as well as the Montana Auto Museum, you can check out the history behind both, while touring the old prison and checking out all of the cool automobiles. Not to mention checking out the Grant-Kohrs Ranch while you're in the area.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

Red Lodge

If you decide to take a trip on the Beartooth Highway this summer, you will certainly want to spend some time in Red Lodge. Whether you plan on spending time outdoors, or if you're just looking for a nice little getaway, Red Lodge is full of charm and has a cool downtown with lots of cool shops to check out. Plus, there are all kinds of great dining options and plenty of places to enjoy a drink or two.


Known for its summer rodeo, Lincoln is also home to the Blackfoot Pathways which is a beautiful sculpture park that celebrates the history and heritage of the Blackfoot Valley. There are several rustic places to stay in the area, and some great hometown cafes, but one of the coolest attractions is the Hi-Country Trading Post.  The store has something for everyone and is filled with all kinds of fabulous and tasty merchandise.


Considered by many to have one of the best downtowns in Montana, Phillipsburg is a great place to spend some summer fun. For those looking for a taste of days gone by, a couple of hours mining for sapphires is certainly a memory maker. From fishing to checking out the different antique shops and retail options, you're sure to have a good time in Phillipsburg, plus there are multiple dining options, including an old-time soda fountain.


Gardiner is famous for a few things, including the Roosevelt Arch, which has been the backdrop of millions of photos over the years. Gardiner is also a fantastic place to walk among the wildlife as you're likely to see all kinds of critters walking around town enjoying themselves as much as you are. Plus, there are all kinds of fun shops and great places to have a meal and enjoy a few hours before or after you head into the park.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

West Yellowstone

West Yellowstone has everything you would expect for a tourist town. Having said that, it's still a great place to hang out and have fun. Whether you're staying there while visiting the park, or checking out the local attractions, you'll find plenty of options for family fun.  Things like the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center and Playmill Theatre, plus tons of cool places to get yourself a souvenir or two certainly make for a fun time.

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