Thrillist wrote up an article about a place that is a rowdy, cowboy town but a magnet for celebs, artists and the cool kids.

That place would be Livingston, Montana.

Livingston is described as a melting pot of locals, artists, ranchers, celebrities trying to get out of the big city and folks who love the outdoors.

They mention the big spots like The Murray Hotel, The Old Saloon, Glenn's and even mention checking out The Stockman Cafe and Bar(they probably didn't know it's closing).

Thrillist also talks about Chico Hot Springs, floating the Yellowstone and even skiing is close by.

This is essentially a huge travel ad on how great Livingston is and they aren't wrong. Livingston is a great place that still has the old Western feel to it.

Livingston might be getting a few more visitors soon.

For more details, check out Thrillist or take the nice drive to Livingston.