We could see some changes happening to the 2021 season and we aren't any where close to starting.

Montana State Bobcats made the huge decision last week to cancel the shortened spring football season they were going to participate in. The Bobcat football team cited health and safety concerns for their student athletes to play in a shortened spring season then go play a full season in the fall. That makes total sense and we agree with their decision.

Photo: Ally H.
Photo: Ally H.

So what should we look forward to the fall 2021 season for the Bobcats, well some pretty big games actually.

The fall season for the Bobcats start when they head into Laramie, Wyoming and face the University of Wyoming Bobcats on Saturday, September 4th. Then after that they will be facing some stiff competition. They face University of San Diego at Bobcat Stadium for part of their non conference schedule and when the schedule and also face Eastern Washington early in the season as well.

Then there is Cat-Griz. That is supposed to happen on November 20th at Bobcat Stadium but with the 2020/spring football season not happening will there be a change of location for that game because the University of Montana was supposed to host the game. The thing is, if that happens, the Bobcats lose out on a home game and I am pretty sure they won't want that to happen.

Plus, we also have to wait and hear about if they allow fans back in the stands for the games. That will be huge a huge factor for the Bobcats.

For more details, check out MSU Athletics.

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