This transportation proposal is closer to becoming a reality, which has many locals excited for the future. 

The Big Sky Passenger Rail Authority has been hard at work gaining support to bring back the southern Amtrak route through cities like Billings, Bozeman, Butte, and Missoula. This track will let you ride the train to Chicago, Denver, Salt Lake City, Seattle, and Portland. Multiple counties, cities, and government officials from Montana have lended support to this initiative, and there has recently been another major endorsement. 

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KBZK is reporting that the Montana Department of Transportation has thrown its support behind this plan, which is crucial. The Montana Department of Transportation will be a key player in restoring the passenger rail lines throughout southern Montana. They will be the main agency planning and constructing the rail lines through every city and county the train would travel through. 

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With so many counties, government officials, Amtrak, and now the Montana Department of Transportation behind this idea, it's becoming more of a reality. Seeing this come to fruition would be huge for both the Big Sky Passenger Rail Authority and many travelers. 

Photo by Les Argonautes via Unsplash
Photo by Les Argonautes via Unsplash

Traveling by train is one of the most underrated ways to get from one city to another. Train tickets are usually affordable, and train travel can be low-stress. Plus, riding the train is one of the safest ways to travel. Personally, I would appreciate not having to drive through three mountain passes on my way home during the winter. I will take the train any day. 

For more details, check out KBZK

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