It's 2020 ladies and gentlemen. It's been an odd year for America but coming this November we will still vote for some pretty big things.

Political ads have already started not only on TV and radio but also on all social media services and it can be very annoying.

Vox released an article on how Facebook is letting users on both Facebook and Instagram turn off political ads on their personal feeds.

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This includes not only ads paid by the candidate but also by Super PAC's, special interest groups and other organizations trying to get their message across.

The feature won't be available right away but everyone in a few weeks will be able to use this feature.

To turn off political ads through the Facebook App, you will need to go to your Settings and then go to Ad Preferences and choose Ad Topics. Then you just choose Political and choose to see those ads fewer.

Or if you see a political ad in your feed you can tap the "Confirmed Organization" button and click on to see fewer ads on this topic.

To do this through Instagram, you do the same steps. If you go through Settings to turn off political ads just make sure you click on Save after you are done.

Even though it's only June we will see political ads with more frequency over the next few months. Elections for president, congress, senate, governor and many small initiatives will be on the ballot trying to win your vote.

So if you are feeling a little overwhelmed, this can hopefully take the edge off.

For more details, check out the article from Vox.

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