This is actually a pretty cool project when you look at all the details and benefits that could stem from the overall aspect.

The Verge is reporting that Atlas Power is looking to build a massive solar project in Butte, Montana that would provide 300 MW of renewable power and cost $250 million dollars. In the article Madison River Equity would build the project and then sell the whole thing to Atlas Power and hopefully use it's power for their cryptocurrency mining projects.

This whole project will raise questions on solar power mining projects for cryptocurrency but this whole project has an uphill battle for this to happen. The county would have to approve a project of this size and they have already turned town a solar project like this down already and this whole solar power project will be one of the biggest in the United States. Also, residents of Butte are weary if the extra electricity will benefit Butte or be sold off elsewhere.

Photo by Andre Francois McKenzie via Unsplash
Photo by Andre Francois McKenzie via Unsplash

The Basin Creek Solar Project will be up for a vote on June 17th and I have a feeling many people will come out to discuss what are the ramifications of a project like this.

In my honest opinion, they need to have several chats with the public on how this will affect the area and the actual size of the entire project. These are all things that need to be covered. With a project this size though the benefits of the renewable energy could be massive as well. This could provide cheaper electricity to the citizens of Butte and be extremely beneficial.

Plus, this would make Butte at the forefront of renewable energy for cryptocurrency, which is wild to think about. Butte used to be a huge mining town back when they were first founded and now they might be the biggest mining town again...for cryptocurrency. What a time to be alive.

For more info, check out The Verge.

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