Missing your friends? Wish you could be in closer proximity? Don't have FaceTime?

Don't worry, because there are plenty of great group video chat apps to use to connect with friends or family and have a great conversation face to face...sort of. Here are a few to check out.

  • 1


    One of the longest running video chat apps is perfect for a lot of folks. Great stability and easy to use whether you are on a phone, laptop, tablet or home computer.

  • 2


    This is a perfect app for game nights. You can get up to eight friends together and it even has games to play including Heads Up!, trivia and more.

  • 3

    Facebook Messenger

    The quality is actually pretty great and you can get up to 50 people in a video chat. That's incredible.

  • 4

    Google Hangouts

    More used for business meetings but it can be easily used to connect with friends.

  • 5


    Both have video chat services but it's very limited.

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