Sometimes when you are in the backcountry you need to travel light and make big food choices. With this new business, you can make some pretty tasty choices.

Gastro Gnome Meals is set to open up in Bozeman in the next few weeks and they will be providing a huge necessity for everyone who love going camping in the backcountry and need a tasty treat to enjoy. They specialize in home comfort foods that taste just as good in your home kitchen as they do in the backcountry and all you have to do is rehydrate it.

Credit: Gastro Gnome Meals via Instagram

Gastro Gnome Meals will have meals to grab such as Spicy Italian Sausage Rigatoni, Braised Chicken, Thai Green Chicken Curry and many other options for you to take and enjoy. They also have ice cream sandwiches for a great dessert as well.

Rehydrate meals are becoming a huge deal especially in the past year when more people were looking to get outside and enjoy the backcountry of Montana and get away from everyday life. The thing is there aren't many great options to choose from or some things you can buy are a little overpriced. My buddy who used to be in the Army used to bring Meals Ready to Eat(MRE's) and let's just say those have a lot to be desired.

Gastro Gnome Meals will be providing a great local service to many because the whole Southwest Montana area is filled with backcountry areas where hiking in is the only way and bringing these types of meals are necessary.

For more details, check out Gastro Gnome Meals.

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