Sometimes a place needs a facelift or some care to turn their business from average to superb. 

We have been accustomed to businesses and buildings in Bozeman being either gorgeously built or encompassing classic style. The Kimpton Armory Hotel, The Baxter, The ELM, and countless other buildings and businesses are just a few that come to mind. The thing is, there is one business that is in Bozeman that could use a makeover, and if they did, business would boom. 

So I was driving home today and was sitting at the light of Oak Street and 7th Avenue and looked over at a place that if they renovated, could crush the hotel scene. The Bozeman Inn has been around for over seventeen years and has a prime spot near the freeway. 

The Bozeman Inn doesn't look too terrible, but the outside could use a makeover. The hotel looks a little run down and could use an update with everything going on in Bozeman. Plus, they used to house one of the most beloved Mexican restaurants in the area, Santa Fe Reds. 

Think about it, if the Bozeman Inn renovated and brought in a new restaurant to move into Santa Fe Red's location, their location would provide a perfect alternative from the high price downtown hotels. Plus, being so close to the freeway is a real perk to their spot as well. 

Think about it? The Bozeman Inn could be an epicenter for an awesome hotel and restaurant combination. Do you think this is a good idea or just a pipe dream? 

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