You will never know where a dispensary could pop up in Montana, but there's one that has a unique story.

Recreational marijuana has been a booming business in Montana since legalization. Montana has seen hundreds of millions of dollars rolling into the state, and the tax revenue has funded several state programs.

Every major Montana city has several dispensaries. They are in downtown areas and on the busiest roads. It doesn't matter if you are going into a dispensary for recreational or medicinal purposes. Dispensaries are open to everyone.

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You have to be 21 years old or older to enjoy.

Photo by Budding via Unsplash
Photo by Budding via Unsplash

Most dispensaries are in preexisting buildings like strip malls, offices, and little huts.

Any business will want a prime location to make it easy for customers to access.

There is one dispensary in Montana with a unique location, and we need to discuss it.

Photo by 2H Media via Unsplash
Photo by 2H Media via Unsplash

My hometown of Polson has recreational marijuana legalized, and currently, there are a few dispensaries scattered around town. They are in your typical locations, but one made me giggle due to what it used to be.

Alternative Releaf is off the intersection of Highway 35 and Highway 93. The building might seem odd for a dispensary, and you wouldn't be wrong. The building is large and looks strange.

Why? Well, it used to be a Burger King during the 2000s.

Google Street View
Google Street View

That's right, a dispensary occupying a former Burger King and couldn't be more perfect.

Getting hungry is synonymous with marijuana, and fast food is a part of that culture. It's fitting that a dispensary took over that location.

The only way it could be better is if folks could use the drive-thru to pick up their orders, but that will have to be a law to be passed for that to happen.

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