Flying should be easy and never stressful but things out of your control can happen and then all of a sudden you could be scrambling to get home by any means necessary and it's been happening recently more than you know.

So last week I had a little vacation in Nashville and played in a softball tournament with some friends from Bozeman and why not? We have direct flights to Nashville on Allegiant Air and they are super affordable. The flight to Nashville was great and the trip was amazing. That was until yesterday at 3 AM and then I had to make some quick decisions.

So I was supposed to fly out of Nashville yesterday afternoon at around 4:30 PM but my friends and I received an email from Allegiant Air at 3 AM telling us our flight had been canceled, here's a flight voucher for future Allegiant flights, and good luck. No reasoning, no warning.

I was back at the hotel getting ready to take one of my friends to the airport when I saw the email, while the rest of my friends were just finishing up being in downtown Nashville. We all went into a panic and started looking at flights to get home.

We instantly started messaging each other to quickly grab new flights on different airlines. I got lucky and got the last seat on a flight through United that had a decent layover in Denver, while the others had to fly through a connection in Chicago to get home.

Thankfully, we all made it back last night, but this had me worried about the other folks were on that Allegiant flight back from Nashville to Bozeman and how they got home.

So if you are flying out of Bozeman or returning home on a flight, you might want to be prepared depending on your airline. Make sure you have a budget to buy a last-minute ticket on another airline because the budget airlines have been canceling flights steadily lately. Also, use websites or apps like Hopper or Kayak to look at flights from different airlines at the same time so you can get the best deal(one couple from Boise paid over $1,000 to be on the same Denver flight as me, I paid $180 for my whole ticket home to Bozeman).

Finally, the night before your flight pack your bags, in case you have to go to the airport a lot earlier than you were expecting, because morning flights tend to be cheaper.

If you are flying in the near future, good luck and keep an eye out on your flights because no one wants to be stranded.

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