A few months ago there was a series of meetings held by the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks to gain some knowledge on the usage and concerns by and from citizens about the Madison River. This was concerning in that it leads to the thought that the FWP could be considering cutting some access to the rivers, namely floating. I have spoken with the FWP and as my conversation with them last Wednesday, no restrictions on floating have been put into place.


There will be no decisions made on this matter until November or December of 2012. So go floating! Enjoy what nature has provided for us!! My suggestion, though, would be to watch yourself and make sure that you are going above and beyond in keeping the rivers clean. Be sure you are being safe. Have a designated driver. The FWP don't want to restrict your access and usage of any rivers or streams or trails. But, if there are issues that need to be addressed, they will address them.

Let do our best this summer to show the powers that they can trust us to take care of the beautiful landscaped that we have been graced with and we can also respect the work that the FWP has done to provide us with great "put ins" and "take outs".

See you on the river!

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