Whether you are new to Bozeman or you've been around awhile, this spring is the perfect time to discover new art. Gallatin's Art Crossing offers the perfect opportunity to discover art in your own backyard.

Tate Chamberlin, president of the Gallatin Art Crossing, thinks people just might stumble across something unexpected.

The Art Crossing spans from Lamme St. to Olive St. and the Emerson to the public library.

"This last year we focused on the Emerson Cultural Center. The Emerson has seven new sculptures," Tate said.

The sculptures range in mediums from bronze to stone, but the program is still project based.

"Once the program fills up, [the sculptures] will begin to rotate more," he said.

It's not all about the sculptures though. If you've trekked around Bozeman, chances are you've seen the art wrapped around the traffic boxes. What started as an anti-graffiti technique, the artistically reclaimed traffic boxes have swarmed across Bozeman with 68 total pieces.

"People kept loving [the traffic box art], so they continued throughout the city," Tate said.

Art has a special place in the heart of Bozeman. Tate revealed that the Bozeman Library will feature new sculptures this year as well as the Emerson Cultural Center.

To find out more about the Gallatin Art Crossing click here. Also if you just need the map to start viewing art downtown, you can pull up the Gallatin Art Crossing's map here.

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