If I had any artistic ability I would totally enter this contest. Especially when it comes with a cash prize.

KBZK reported the the Bozeman Public Library is offering a cash prize of $1,000 for the banner art contest.

How to Win Cash

The banner art contest is simple. Any Gallatin County resident can enter the contest and help redesign the banners that hang outside of the library. You have until October 15th. They say that all you have to be is a Gallatin County resident and design something that appeals to the judges.

Also there is no age limit.

This sounds like a pretty awesome contest to be entered in. Especially every time you are near or go into the library you could see the art you designed on the Bozeman Public Library. That's incredibly special to think about. Your designed banner could hang up there for several years and people will just be in awe of your artwork.

So the here are the fine details. Any Gallatin County resident can enter in and there is no age limit. You have until October 15th to enter and again the best part. You could win $1,000 for your artwork.

So get those creative juices flowing and be original and have fun with your design. Do something that not only the judges will love but the whole county.

If I can't emphasize this enough...$1,000 cash prize. Everyone right now could definitely use the extra cash..

For more details, check out the all the details on the banner art contest on the Bozeman Public Library website.

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