Discover Bozeman's Virtual Art Crossing
Whether you are new to Bozeman or you've been around awhile, this spring is the perfect time to discover new art. Gallatin's Art Crossing offers the perfect opportunity to discover art in your own backyard.
Tate Chamberlin, president of the Gallatin Art Crossing, thinks people jus…
The Best J.J. Abrams Fan Art
From Friday, April 26, 2013 until Saturday, May 18th, the very awesome Gallery 1988 (West) is hosting The Official Bad Robot Art Experience, a gallery of artwork inspired by wunderkind producer/director/god of all things geek J.J. Abrams.
Cottonwood Club In Bozeman Offers Bohemian Art.
Tucked beneath the firmament of Wallace and Olive Street, there is a surreptitiously unique art experience. The Cottonwood Club is an enigmatic cave of expression housing a free venue for artists  in the valley. Billed as an opportunity to share and enjoy multimedia creations, the Cottonwood plays h…