It's possible things could change very quickly.

So over the past weekend college football on the national stage came back. The SEC, home to Alabama and LSU, and the BIg 12(Texas and Oklahoma) held games and most of the stadiums had fans in the stands as well, at a limited capacity. Plus, the Big 10(Ohio State) and the Pac12(Oregon, Washington) are scheduled to start soon too with conference only games.

It was weird but comforting. Fall is changing colors, postseason baseball(maybe that's just me) and football, especially college football. With COVID-19 throwing a wrench in the start of the season many big schools looked to move football to the spring but things have changed. They have decided to play regardless and let folks watch in either limited capacity or from home.

The thing is, what about Montana State football and the FCS level? Could we see them change course and plan to just have shorten seasons and a smaller postseason?

The thing is, there is a report from 406 MT Sports that in the next few weeks they will release the spring schedules for playoffs and every team's schedule in 2021. Then again we could see them change course and maybe push for a late fall season.

Then there will be questions if they will allow fans back in the stands. Limited capacity or no fans at all? Will it be only season ticket holders or first come, first serve? It's a lot of questions that would need to be answered if the FCS wants to start their season sooner rather than in the spring but they are behind the ball compared to all the FBS schools.

We should probably just bet that the season will start in the spring for FCS. It's heartbreaking that all of these other conferences will have football for us and we have to wait. College football is just as important in Alabama and Texas as it is in Montana.

Maybe we will get some answers soon but then again, the safety and health of the players, coaches and staff fare the most important.

What do you think? You think they could start the season soon or should we wait till the spring of 2021 for MSU football to return?