Tucked beneath the firmament of Wallace and Olive Street, there is a surreptitiously unique art experience. The Cottonwood Club is an enigmatic cave of expression housing a free venue for artists  in the valley. Billed as an opportunity to share and enjoy multimedia creations, the Cottonwood plays host to music, video, ceramics and painting alongside screen printing and woodworking shops. This incredible mash-up of bohemian influence and free creativity is slowly creeping its presence into the Bozeman underground, keeping friends and fans in the most unlikely places.

Dalton, the originator and proprietor of the Cottonwood Club is an artist himself, painting, writing and managing his lovechild in the subterranean sparkle. Raised in Tennesse, locales much like the Cottonwood were a large part of his youth. Upon moving to Bozeman he saw none filling this artistic void and took the shot.

The venue itself plays host to an amoebic mix of events ranging from bring your own art shows to rock sets, all surveyed by the silent paint covering the ancient walls of a human habitrail at the base of Peet's Hill. Check out The Cottonwood Club on Facebook and get up on the forthcoming expressive insanity.