Sports are slowly returning, soccer overseas and the NBA and MLB is set to return at the end of the month of July albeit without fans but what about football.

As of right now NFL and college football is being planned as usual but there are some big decisions that need to be made that could come up very quickly.

406 MT Sports released a report about Big Sky football and the challenges and the Montana State Athletic Director had a few words too.

According to the report plans for the college football season will start on time this fall  could be coming very soon but with the recent spiking of COVID-19 cases there could be one big change as well.

The Big Sky Comissioner Tom Wistrcill said, "he believes football will be played this academic year." but there are a lot of questions about that.

Will there be fans in the stands? Or will there be a reduced number to adhere to social distancing guidelines? We have talked about that idea for the past couple months but what if there is a even bigger game changer.

What if the college football season was in the spring instead of the fall?

The reason behind this is that by that time the US has gotten COVID-19 under control and they can have full attendance in the stands. The Ivy League is making their decision about their games moving to the spring this week.

It's a huge process and still needs time to get figured out but MSU Athletic Director Leon Costello that a fall season will still happen.

The thing is, what if we had MSU Bobcat football in the spring this upcoming year than in the fall? Would you be bummed it's not in the fall or would you be excited for a different change of pace for one year?

My opinion, if the cases keep going up in the state of Montana and the surrounding states that have Big Sky Football why not change it to the spring? Especially if we end up getting COVID under control we can fill up the stadium and cheer on the Bobcats in full force. That's just my take.

Vote below and let us know.

Also, if you would like to see the full article on what the Big Sky Commissioner had to say, check out 406 MT Sports.


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