Why didn't we think of these businesses?

Last week, we posted What's the Next Big Business to Come to Bozeman and suggested some businesses that would fit perfectly in Bozeman and be a success for years.

In response we received many suggestions of other businesses that people feel would be perfect for Bozeman.

So here are the top four choices of businesses that Bozemanites want to see come to the Gallatin Valley.

  • 1

    Chuck E. Cheese's

    This is a pretty solid idea. There aren't enough indoor spots for kids to eat, get together and have fun and a Chuck E. Cheese's would be perfect.

  • 2

    Dunkin' Donuts

    Even though we have some fantastic donut spots in the Gallatin Valley, Dunkin' Donuts would be a bit different. They make donuts but also fantastic breakfast foods and great coffee for people on the go.

  • 3

    Cafe Rio/Red Lobster

    Both of these spots were suggestions and would work at the old Johnny Carino's location.

  • 4

    Water Park/Fun Zone

    This is a long shot due to Bozeman's long winters but a couple people suggested a water park/fun zone with go karts and mini golf.

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