Last week, Aaron Traylor of KISS FM's sister station ZOO FM in Missoula challenged Bozeman's Best DJ to a DJ Battle Cat/Griz weekend. And of course we accepted! The battle will go down Friday November 18th. The night before the big football game.

Aaron Traylor aka "The Tallest DJ in America" said "I want to see if Bozeman’s DJ’s are as good as they say their football team is."  Who does this guy think he is?!?!  Not to worry.  Bozeman has accepted the challenge!!

November 18th at the Zebra Cocktail Lounge, Bozeman and Missoula will go head to head in the first ever Bozeman vs Missoula DJ Battle.  Aaron "Tallest DJ in America" Traylor will be pitted against  Bozeman's legendary DJ Bones.

Bones responded to the challenge on ZOO FM's website saying:

"I formally accept your challenge. For the record I hate the griz, for real. And nothing will be sweeter than the Cats dominating and then dominating you. My name is DJ Bones and you better pack a lunch."

Hell yes, Bones.  Let's get 'em!!

The  cover is a $3 donation to the Gallatin Valley Food Bank.  All moneys raised at this event will not only go to the Food Bank but also go towards stomping the Griz in the 11th annual "Can The Griz Food Drive" competition. DJ Danny Tellez from Billings will open the show and then serve as host of the face off.  The winner of the battle will be picked by judges who are TBA.  Also the winner will spin the rest of the night.

More details to come on the show.  Mark it down.   Friday November 18th.  Zebra Cocktail Lounge.   Cat/Griz weekend Bozeman vs Missoula DJ Battle.  We're looking forward to getting 2 wins that weekend!