Well, hopefully they can add a few more games to the schedule.

Montana State Athletics is reporting that due to recent changes to their football schedule they have been hard at work adding games for the upcoming season.


If you haven't heard, a few weeks ago University of Utah cancelled their game against the MSU Bobcats due to their conference deciding to go conference only games in the PAC 12. Plus, Montana State lost out on a huge payday for that game as well. They were scheduled to play the Utes on September 12th.

Then last week, the North East Conference, which has Long Island University as one of their members, decided to postpone all fall sports. That means we lost our Gold Rush game on September 5th under the lights at Bobcat Stadium.

There is good news though. Montana State Director of Athletics Leon Costello announced that they are in discussions with other schools that are in similar situations to fill the schedule.

That's huge news, hopefully Montana State will be able to replace those games very soon but we will have to see. Leon Costello is also waiting on what the NCAA Board of Governors has to say about fall sports, especially football. The NCAA Board of Governors meet tomorrow on August 4th and will hopefully add some clarity.

As much as I would love to see a football season, we need to think  about the health and safety of the student athletes, coaches and staff of these teams. Maybe the best case scenario is the season gets moved to the spring.

Will it be weird? Yes, but it would be an interesting change of pace.

For more details, check out MSU Athletics.

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