If you remember the day before St. Patrick's Day the Bacchus all of a sudden closed. I even did a blog post about it called 'Bacchus Pub Closed Unexpectedly'. This blew my mind because it was a day before what is probably their most popular time of the year - St. Patrick's Day - and they were planning a huge weekend celebration.

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Well, the owner of the Bacchus has broken his silence on the Bacchus Pub Facebook Page. Today he posted his side on what he says really happened to this beloved place.

In the post, the owner first gives thanks for everyone who enjoyed his business and was extremely happy that it was a place for people in their 80s to younger adults to people carrying newborns. Then, the owner of the Bacchus goes into details, denying rumors that there were multiple violations of serving to minors. He states that is not true. The owner states that they only had one reported incident in eight years.

Apparently in December of 2016, according to the owner, during a slow night, a bartender served an underage patron. So to make sure this never happened again, the owner made great efforts with new management and training. The owner said he thought this would be enough, but apparently not. The morning of March 16, 2017, the locks were changed and Bacchus Pub was evicted from the Baxter.

If you want to read more about the Bacchus Pub owner's side to what happened check out the post on the Bacchus Pub Facebook Page.

Now, if you are missing the Bacchus's curry fries, I have great news. The same man who owned the Bacchus owns the Bozeman Taproom and has the curry fries going over there. So, if you miss the Bacchus, you can still get some curry fries at the Bozeman Taproom, thankfully.

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