I realize that I'm about to open up a can, but the question must be asked.

First, let me start by saying, this isn't my first winter in Montana, but it is my first winter in Bozeman.  I realize that I'm on not-so-thin ice with this question (see what I did there?) but are the roads always this bad during the winter?

I mean it's been kind of rough out there, right?

Now before you come at me with the "if you can't handle winter, you shouldn't have moved here" comments, let me say this.  Before arriving in the beautiful city of Bozeman, I lived in the coldest city in the Continental United States where there was snow on the ground from October until the first week of May. I've done multiple winters in Missoula and multiple winters in Canada.

I can handle snow and I can handle cold.  I'm just curious about the road conditions. It seems like some areas are plowed and others aren't and I'm just trying to understand the logic behind it all. Certain parking lots are completely clean, others not.  Some roads have been plowed, others haven't.


I understand that businesses pay to have folks clear their parking areas so that one makes sense.  I also understand that when plowing roads, you're going to make sure that the main roads are clear before you start working on the secondary roads, but it doesn't seem like the main roads were cleared, or is that just me?

Is it a lack of manpower? Or equipment?  Is it a budgetary thing with the city? I'm not trying to criticize anyone, I'm just curious about the whole thing. Will the roads remain this rough for the rest of the winter? Once again, not complaining, just trying to see if I should buy spiked tires or not.

I figured I would take my question to the people. I was at a social gathering over the weekend that was attended by several long-time and lifelong Bozemanites. I asked them the question that I'm asking you and their response?

"Yes they are."

For some that was the end of their opinion on the matter, for others not so much. They felt like with the increase of property taxes over the years that the city should be using some of that money to do a better job of cleaning the roads. So I wasn't the only one that thought it was odd. Whew.

Oh, and if I do end up buying spiked tires, do you recommend a certain brand?

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