Make sure if you are traveling at all to bring a face mask.

Alaska Airlines made a big announcement today that starting Friday, August 8th any passenger ages 2 or over will be required to wear a cloth mask or face covering that goes over your mouth and nose as a safeguard to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. They also added there are no exceptions to this policy.

Credit:Alaska Airlines via Twitter

They asked passengers to wear masks all the way back in May and last month flight attendants have been handing out yellow cards as warning to passengers not wearing masks.

These warnings just asked folks to wear a mask and if passengers get a second yellow card then they would be banned from future travel on Alaska Airlines.

This is a huge move by Alaska Airlines. Recently, Delta Airlines updated their policy to no only require all passengers to wear masks but also described what kind of masks you could wear.

If you don't know Alaska Airlines is probably one of the most popular airlines not only in Bozeman but throughout Montana.

Alaska Airilnes currently has daily flights(at least two a day) at the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport to and from Portland, Oregon and Seattle.

Plus, Alaska Airlines announced they will be adding a daily flight to Los Angeles as well this fall.

So next time you go to the airport and your flying Alaska Airlines or Delta, make sure you are wearing a mask that is conformable.

For more details about the announcement from Alaska Airlines, check out the Seattle Times.

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