You might want to double-check your flights this fall because some popular flights will disappear.

One of the most convenient ways to get in and out of Montana is through our airports. Montana's airports see massive crowds of tourists traveling into the state to experience our two national parks, top-tier fishing, and more.

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The three airports with the most traffic are Missoula, Billings, and Bozeman. These three airports see almost four million passengers combined, with the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport having over 2.2 million passengers yearly.

Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport via Facebook
Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport via Facebook

Montana has seen a surge of new airlines and flights coming to Montana. Airlines like Avelo, Southwest, and Sun Country have all entered the Montana market with new destinations.

That's why this news was a little surprising.

According to Simply Flying, Alaska Airlines will cut several flights this November, and a few Montana airports will lose flights. These are the airports and destinations that are affected.

  • Bozeman to Los Angeles(LAX)
  • Missoula to Portland, Oregon
  • Billings to Portland, Oregon

Alaska Airlines is one of the most popular airlines in the Northwest, with attractive flights and affordable prices. These three flights are some of the most popular with locals, and it's sad to see them go.

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We can understand why Bozeman is losing the Los Angeles flight. Delta and United have daily, nonstop flights to Los Angeles, and Alaska is adding a direct flight starting this winter from Orange County to Bozeman.

Missoula and Billings have been trying to add new destinations to their airport but losing a flight to Portland seem like a big hit. Portland is an attractive spot to fly to for concerts, sporting events, and more.

David McNew/Getty Images
David McNew/Getty Images

Could these flights come back to these airports? Possibly, but for now, they will be gone starting in November.

For more details, check out Simply Flying.

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