It's been a great first year with our new websites. We've published over 2,000 articles! We were curious what the top read stories were over the past year and the results surprised us. There's everything from crazy tattoos, to Justin Bieber and Gallatin Valley Girl photos. Check out our top most views posts of 2011.

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    Don’t Steal Computers From People Who Know How to Use Computers [VIDEO]

    A dude steals another guys computer. The victim is clever to track the computer's browser history which leads him to the thief's Facebook page. He then alerts the police, gets his computer back and then gets revenge by posting a ridiculous video on YouTube of the thief dancing recorded on the stolen computer. See the video and laugh inside this post.

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    See Freddy Krueger’s Fatality In Mortal Kombat

    I was excited that a new Mortal Kombat was being released which brought the serious back to its gory roots. I also remembered how cool the fatalities were as a kid. See minutes of intense fatalities in this post. You're welcome.

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    Kidd Kraddick Insults Selena Gomez’ Mother And Justin Bieber

    This story got blow out of proportion with a lot of he said she said mistakes but what we posted about is completely true and in our opinion, distasteful and insulting to the Biebs and his girl's family.

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    Snoop Dogg Endorsing “Blast” New Caffeinated Beer That Some Say Should Be Banned [video]

    Snoop Dogg is lending his street cred to a new malt beverage that contains alcohol and caffeine in the same can. Will the drink last? Or will it suffer the same fate as Four Loco? It's taking a lot of heat from the media but it's still blasting.

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    “Zombie Boy” Hides Skeleton Tattoo With Flesh Colored Make-Up

    If you don't know Zombie Boy then you need to see this video. He is covered, absolutely covered, in zombie inspired tattoo art. At the beginning of this video you wouldn't know it because he has concealed the tattoos with a skin toned makeup but then the revealing begins.

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    Elvis Duran And The Morning Show Is Coming To KISS FM Mornings

    We made the change from Kidd Kraddick in the morning to Elvis Duran in the Morning and we had a lot of vocal listeners both for and against that decision. This post announcing the new morning show lineup drew a lot of attention and it offers some great content if you want to get to know the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show members.

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    2012 Gallatin Valley Girl Crowned! [PHOTOS]

    Over 70 girls tried out for the 2011 Gallatin Valley Girl pageant. After several auditions, the number was narrowed down to 13. At the finals the girls gave their all and a winner was crowned. Here we have a run down of the finals night along with photos of the event. Be sure to check out the other auditions photos and videos at the bottom of this post. Enjoy!

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    B.O.B. Song “Dr. Aden” Focuses On AIDS Conspiracy Of The ’80s

    Did a company really sell a product knowing it would infect its costumers with AIDS? Is this true or just a conspiracy theory? Many believers, including B.o.B. say it's true. The company Bayer is the one being accused and B.o.B. made a song and a video to help inform the world. This post contains the video along with documents condoning Bayer of this monstrous deed.

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    Drunk Guy In London Caught Falling By 5 Security Cameras [VIDEO]

    You will laugh out loud guaranteed!

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    Did Pitbull Get A Boner On Stage At The AMA’s?

    I couldn't believe what I saw while watching the AMA's and I wanted all of you to solidify my belief. Watch the video and you decide. Did he or didn't he, that is the question.