Looks like the radio DJ made a bit of a slip up that is costing him a lot of rep this morning.

Kidd said, "Selena tweeted that her mom is pregnant...how weird is that when you're 20 or however old [Selena] is?"

Then he later starts revealing his theory as to the possibility of Justin Bieber paying off  Mariah Yeater to say the DNA test was a negative and then also paying off her ex-boyfriend to say it is his baby after all.

After saying all of this, then Kidd's co-host Kelly says, "Selena Gomez's mother is not the one that's pregnant, Selena's pregnant and mom's doin' a cover up! Justin Bieber's making babies all over the place and everyone's just being payed off to protect him."

And THEN Kidd Kraddick says, "What if Justin Bieber got Selena's mom pregnant?"

Twitterers are fighting back with their own words saying things such as

"Beliebers and Selenators are coming together for the first time ever. Oh, Kidd Kraddick, im warning you now. Be afraid, be very very afraid."

See the complete Twitter backlash Kidd is receiving here. Even Selena tweeted about it

Jokes or not, I wouldn't imagine Justin or Selena wanting to continue their relationship with the Kidd Krew any longer. Way to insult the biggest pop stars of our time!