Starting next Tuesday. June 28th. Elvis Duran and the Morning Show are taking over mornings on 96.7 KISS FM. Kidd Kraddick has had a great run here at KISS but we here at KISS are very excited to introduce to you Elvis Duran and his band of hilarious characters. This morning show is produced in New York and will air here in Bozeman Monday - Saturday mornings from 6am-10am. 

This bunch have a ton of dynamic show parts that you will no doubt bust a gut to every morning. One of the favorite bits is the Phone Tap. These are prank calls that the team air daily. Here are some from this past week to give you the idea.


Phone Taps

The crew calls the store manager who had an incident when some young girls ran out of the store after breaking a bowl.

One of the moms at the bake sale dresses a little provocative and The Morning Show calls her out.

Husband pranks his wife by having the "entertainment" clown that he booked for their son's birthday party call his wife.  Magnificent Murray isn't her idea of a good time.

One roomate pranks the other by calling and telling her that their newly hired cleaning lady has broken her dog's urn.  The "cleaning lady" is vacuuming up the "dirt".

Here are some random phone calls on subjects that Elvis and the crew have recently asked about.

Some ladies will go to dinner just to get a meal out of a guy. Here they talk about being a dinner whore.

The rules of getting shotgun when loading up in the car are discussed.

Elvis discusses ways to spice up your relationship and gets some caller suggestions.

This is just a quick preview of Elvis Duran and the Morning Show that will be rocking with you every weekday and Saturday morning from 6am-10am. Get to know all of the characters by checking out their profiles.