If Four Loko can't make it I don't see how another company can put out an almost identical product?  I'm not saying that I think either should be illegal to make, I think they should all be available and up to the people to decide what they drink.

SNOOP DOGG is promoting a new drink that combines caffeine and booze.  It's called Blast . . . and it'll be part of the malt liquor brand Colt 45.  Blast doesn't hit stores until April 5th, but because of the Four Loko disaster . . . some people are already calling for it to be BANNED.

Four Loko also had the alcohol / caffeine combination . . . and you probably remember how that turned out.  After a string of bad incidents, states banned it, and now Four Loko is no longer made with caffeine.  Blast is a 23-and-a-half-ounce drink, with 12 percent alcohol content.  That's about DOUBLE a normal beer, both in alcohol concentration and amount.  And then there's the caffeine on top of that.

It'll be available in a bunch of flavors:  Grape, raspberry watermelon, strawberry lemonade and blueberry pomegranate.  Like Four Loko, critics say the drinks are dangerous to kids because they look like sodas and energy drinks.  Naturally, Snoop is taking some heat for endorsing it.  So far, there's been no response from Snoop or Pabst.

A comment on the video says that they are using Snoop as a way to target the hood and get those who live in the projects hooked on malt liquor.  What do you think?

Here is the promo video -