Day  5 – Isagenix Cleanse with Main Street Gym

Technically I am writing this Saturday, the day following the real day 5.

The energy continues to impress me.

Yesterday was the day of 967 Minutes of Caring, a food drive for the Gallatin Valley Food Bank.  This event starts for the crew, aka Ashley Mills and I, around 8 am with set up of tents, sound equipment, and broadcast equipment. Then ends around 10pm after we tear all of it down and the last bit of food is picked up by the Food Bank.

Granted I will be honest and say that I had a bit of a break from the cold and standing on the concrete for about 4 hours. I went to the studio and did some work there, while Ashley rocked it and continued with the broadcast and taking donations.  But, all the time I was there, my energy was up!! I was dancing and ready to go the whole time even though my only meal of the day that consisted of food, was mainly vegetables.   To be sure, I did sleep like a baby though after a long day of cold.


I love that girl, she cracks me up and impresses me with her dedication.

Today (Saturday) I slept in.  7am is now sleeping in for me.  Used to be (before the cleanse and daylight savings time)  11 or so.  I am up and at em’ and ready to make some moves.  My thinking is that the only moves I will be making are to the studio to run the MSU woman’s basketball game as they move to their second game in Waco Texas, btw they lost last night in overtime to the Rice Owls.  The game and maybe finish the movie that I feel into deep slumber too last night.  Oh and also continue work on creating the best macaroni and cheese recipe known to man.  That is my new passion.  I’m not sure if it is because of my non-eating that I have become so dedicated to finding and making the best mac and cheese ever, or if it’s simply because it is what I and my girlfriend are making as our contribution to Thanksgiving with friends this year.  Either way it will be epic and I think it’s because of the lack of eating that I can imagine all the constancies, flavor, and feeling when you eat it that will make me come up with the best recipe.

I guess we’ll see on Thanksgiving if I’m right.