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Main Street Gym Health Blog: Eat Less Live Longer
For years there has been evidence that a diet extremely low in calories extends the life span of species from mice to monkeys and a recent study confirms positive results for humans on this type of diet. People that eat fewer calories are less likely to be obese and will cut their risk of cancer, he…
Chadwick’s Isagenix Cleanse Blog Day 4
Day 4 – Isagenix Cleanse with Main Street Gym
Wide awake at 6 am and getting my lunch ready.  I am looking forward to actually eating something today even thought it will only be some tuna and vegetables, op!  And a hardboiled egg, at least the egg white...
Chadwick’s Isagenix Cleanse Day 2
Day 2 – Isagenix Cleanse from Main Street Gym
The official first cleanse day to be clear.  Proceeded by 2 days of “pre-cleanse” which mirrors days 3-7 of the “9 day cleanse”.