It's amazing how quickly people can switch from loving something to being completely over it.  I'm not talking about relationships, I'm talking about your living situation.

No matter how long you've lived somewhere and how much you like it, moving to a new place is always a refreshing and exciting thing.  A change of scenery does a body good so to say.

I, with my girlfriend, just finished moving into a new place.  We have been living together for about 9 months and due to a raise in rent, we had to move.  We loved where we were and although there we certain things that we could have lived without, or with in some cases, we were happy.  As soon as the rent hike came up we gave our 30 days and we were on the prowl for a new place.  Once we made the decision to move, I immediately started to see all the flaws in the current place.  The situation as a whole seemed to have a negative aura to it.  We had made a home out of that place but although we hadn't realize it, we were more than ready for the change.

We found a place that was perfect.  Mostly because there were 2 bathrooms and a washer and dryer! The imperfections of the new place seemed to illude us. We only saw all the possibilities and all the great things we could do with it. At the same time we  were wondering how we could have lived all that time in the other place.  Why had we enjoyed living there for so long and then all of a sudden not liked it at all?  Perspective has to be the reason.

We had become accustomed to things that way and didn't have a reason to look elsewhere.  As soon as we were forced to look forward and find something new, our perspective changed to at least preserve our mind set. I ask, to stay happy doesn't a person need to find the great to come and not be drug down by what is out of your control?

We are all moved in now.  With the help of strong backs lent to us by Cole, Moose Rich, Eric (with son, who was super bummed we didn't have a dog, Taden) and Rick James we did got moved.  I will say it was the longest moving process I have had yet.  And that includes a broken fridge, smelly food and move dates being changed but that's another story.

See you at the house warming party.  Be looking for invitations.

BTW, clean the base boards of your rental regularly to insure your deposit back.  Just cleaning those will force cleaning of all kinds.