I called my mom for Mother's Day to get her thoughts on her kids' lives.   A little history on my fam is that I was brought up in Great Falls MT with my younger Sister.  But my parents are from Buffalo and Rochester NY.  My parents, Stan and Susan, came to Montana for my Dad's job so we were separated from a lot of our extended family.  Mom and Dad are still married and are now living in Columbus OH and my Sister lives in San Diego.  There is a little history lesson to put some of the conversation into context.

In the convo we talk about the surprises that my mom has had about her kids growing up to be so close, some scary moments and some not-so scary moments, being married for 37 years and the advise that comes with that.  Her feelings on my sister getting married, and more.

Part 1 - Momma's boy, annoyances, screwing up, growing up, wishes.

Part 2 - Scariest moment, running away from home, surprises, marriage advise, motherhood, Grand kids?