There are many folks that I know that love this beer and will be buying it in bulk when it finally arrives in Bozeman.

The New York Post is reporting that Yuengling, America's oldest brewery which was established in 1829(!), will be expanding and selling their beer nationwide. By the way, it' pronounced like this, YING-ling. Simple right?

If you don't know Yuengling is a huge deal on the East Coast. It's only sold in twenty two states and I have never seen the beer ever on west of Illinois.

Credit:Yuengling Beer via Facebook

Well that will change very soon. Yuengling has teamed up with Molson Coors to expand their reach and sell their beer nationwide and apparently, this partnership has been in the works for a few years.

The family-owned brewing company will still remain independent, but will have a board of directors that will have both Yuengling and Molson Coors making decisions together.

The only sad part about this expansion is that we probably won't see Yuengling on the shelves till the second half of 2021 but it will be worth the wait.

Yuengling and Molson Coors will announce in the next few months which Western states will receive Yuengling first and I have a feeling Montana might be one of the spots due to the immense popularity of how products are consumed here.

If you don't remember, a few years ago there was a study that showed the Montana was the highest consumer per capita of the seltzer beverage and Bozeman was the highest consuming city. We are a pretty good testing ground for new beverages.

For more details, check out The New York Post.