With so many stores and businesses moving to curbside pickup, it would only make sense for them to as well.

USA Today is reporting that Costco is going to test out curbside pickup at some of their locations nationwide and it's been a long time coming. By the way, this isn't just limited to just grocery shopping, this includes all of the items they have in stock at whatever location you shop at. The thing is, you will have to spend a lot of money, which you will anyways, at Costco to qualify for curbside pickup.

Scott Olson/Getty Images
Scott Olson/Getty Images

There will be a $10 curbside pickup fee and you will have to spend a minimun of at least $100. That seems like a lot but to be honest, if you go to Costco once a month you are dropping at least that to stock up your fridge and freezer for a long time. Plus, all of the prices that will be online are the same as they are in the warehouse. So you are getting the same price.

All major retailers and grocery stores have added curbside pickup to make life easier and it's been a huge hit and convience for many folks. Even though the Coscto here in Bozeman doens't have curbside pickup and isn't one of the testing markets I bet when they roll this out nationwide we will have it set up quickly.

Especially because then you can get only what you need and not walk around aimlessly in Costco and buy so many other items that just catch your eye. We all know that feeling.

For more details, check out USA Today.

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