Make sure you are aware of all fire restrictions not only in Yellowstone National Park but in the state of Montana.

Yellowstone National Park announced that their wildfire season has begun with two small fires.

Nick Learned, Townsquare Media

Both of these fires according to the press release were lightning ignited wildfires and not made by campers.

The Sour Fire was located near the Mirror Plateau, and was spotted on August 1st but after some precipitation, the fire hasn't been seen since.

The Soda Fire is near the Soda Butte formation in Lamar Valley. and was started on August 3rd. Luckily fire staff was able to put out the fire before spreading.

Just to let you all know if you plan on going to the park soon, the fire level warning is HIGH right now.

Also, there are no restrictions for campfires. The thing is though, fires are only permitted in campfire rings at campgrounds and some areas in the back country.

Remember when you are leaving your campsite to make sure where your fire is cold to the touch because even if it's warm, ash could still light a fire.

Remember to soak, mix and repeat till the ground is cold.

With the weather being incredibly nice and hot, make sure you are aware of all fire restrictions in the state of Montana.

If we want to keep our state beautiful we need to take care of our campsites. Nobody enjoys bad quality air when there is a wildfire.

For more details on all fire restrictions check out Yellowstone National Park.

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