This whole situation is definitely going to be a hot topic issue for the park and it's future.

Yellowstone National Park wants public comments on critical need on possibly improving the telecommunications services in the park.

Everything from laying down fiber optic internet, improving cell coverage in the park and improved internet services. The whole idea is for this plan to start construction in 2021.

For some facts about the park and their current services, Yellowstone National Park only has about 8% coverage, this new plan would not add cell towers but increase the coverage.

Comments on the park must be submitted online by October 21st, 2020. Yellowstone National Park won't accept comments by any other means of communication. This includes phone, mail or fax. Just comment through the internet. Also, you won't be able to leave anonymous comments, you will have to leave your personal information for it to go through.

Here's the thing, I am all for adding cell coverage for Yellowstone National Park and updating their internet. That would help folks being able to connect with their families and friends and letting them share the beauty of Yellowstone National Park easier. Plus, it would be easier to identify tourists who mess with the wildlife faster as well by contacting the park rangers.

The other side is that this will be probably be a long process to get all of these things implemented and cause traffic jams in Yellowstone National Park. Not only that, but people should be wanting to go to Yellowstone National Park to disconnect from the world and see the beauty of what it has to offer. T

That's just my opinion though.

For more details, check out Yellowstone National Park.