Flying can save a bunch of time but it can also be very stressful. Whether it's getting to the airport early enough or dealing with layovers, I have found a few ways to make trips a little more tolerable and make life a lot better.

So here are my top three tips to make flying a little easier.

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    Podcasts/Audio Books Are Your Friend

    Seriously, if you have long flights or layovers these can ease your mind and keep you entertained. There are some great podcasts out there from celebrities to sports or even unsolved crimes. I typically use Audible for audio books, they have the best quality and are pretty cheap.

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    Pack a Tennis Ball in Your Carry On

    The first time I heard about this was from my brother who has flown quite a bit, and if you have layovers or long flights this can be a huge help. You can use the tennis ball to massage knots or aches in your body and it helps circulation throughout your body.

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    Look Up Your Connecting Airports

    I have had some long layovers in certain airports and they can be an absolute drag, but some airports have really cool sections you might want to check out. The Sea-Tac Airport has art installations and some Seattle history in the Sub Pop store, and the Denver Airport has a skating rink!