The summer is coming up fast and with that are many, many summer music festivals. I love music festivals, they are fun and you get to meet new people. The only problem is that sometimes people forget certain rules/suggestions that might help them even have a better time. So I came up with Seven Commandments for Summer Music Festival Etiquette, I hope you enjoy them.

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    Sunscreen is Your Friend

    Seriously, you don't want to make the mistake I did last year at Moods of the Madison and forget to apply sunscreen and get badly sun burnt. Sunscreen is your friend, I highly recommend applying a lot and often. The sun can be brutal.

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    Water is Your Friend

    Hydrating is one of the best things you can do during this year's summer music festivals. Get one of those big packs from Costco because you will definitely need it. Plus, if you don't go through it all, you can make some fast friends around the campground with ample water.

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    Don't Get Hammered By Mid Afternoon

    No one likes that extremely hammered person at 2 in the afternoon. Especially the people who are there with the person and now have to take care of them for the rest of the night. It's called pacing yourself.

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    Shade is Essential

    Bring a canopy so you can chill out during the day in the shade and your energy won't be crushed by the sun. You will make some friends as well if you open your shade to your campground neighbors.

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    Go With Friends

    No one likes going to music festivals alone. Bring friends that will have just as much fun as you. Plus, they are a great buddy system in case someone gets a little too crazy.

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    Keep Clean

    If you can, shower, because no one appreciates someone who has been standing in sun all day sweating and smelling like death. So please shower if you can.

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    Naps are Your Friend

    A lot of music festivals happen later in the day so this means you have a lot of down time during the day. You can go exploring or have some fun but make sure you get a little nap in before the music starts. This will help you recharge before the night.

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