Like, honestly, why doesn't Bozeman have an outdoor venue?

Credit:doble.d/Getty Images

With the summer upon us and people going outside to enjoy the beautiful weather, this begs the question: Why doesn't Bozeman have an outdoor music venue? I am serious. I don't count Sweet Pea, Music on Main or the concerts at Bridger Brewing because those aren't permanent stages or fixtures.

Think about it: Missoula now has two pretty great outdoor venues with Big Sky Brewing Company and the Kettlehouse Ampitheater. Those two spots are bringing in some amazing summertime acts that we don't get over in this area. We have great venues like The Ellen, The Emerson and then the Brick, but we don't have a great medium-sized venue that's outside.

Credit:Alvaro D'Apollonio/Getty Images

Bozeman is gorgeous and would be the perfect place for a outdoor venue. The only problem is where would we put it and how much would it cost? These are two huge factors in this. Bozeman real estate is ridiculously high and it would just be expensive to buy land for a venue. And where exactly would you put this venue?

What do you think? Should Bozeman get an outdoor venue and where should it go? Let me know your opinion.

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