Bozeman is a growing city and with that comes more and more traffic. There are many intersections in Bozeman that turn into pure chaos in the mornings and afternoons when everyone is coming and going from work.

Here are my Top Three Spots That Need a Stoplight:

  • Credit:Google

    In Front of Costco

    This whole intersection is a mess. You don't know if you people are turning right, left or going straight and a light would actually be a huge improvement. As long as they also fix the huge potholes that are in that area as well.

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    Baxter and Davis

    This is a four way stop that needs to be changed ASAP. Most of the time it's not too bad but when this intersection gets busy it can be a real hassle. Davis also goes from two lane into a four lane and that can be difficult on who should go in the intersection. A light and expanding the road would be a huge help.

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    Peach and Rouse

    Just a mess. Currently it's a two way stop where Peach and the other side of the street don't even face each other. A stop light and maybe some arrows would do this intersection some good.