People love the classics, Pepperoni, Meat Lover's, Supreme and if you don't want to get too adventurous there is always Cheese. The thing is, what is the weirdest pizza in Montana? Well we now have the answer.

MSN Lifestyle came out with a list of the Weirdest Pizza in Every State and for me that's someone who orders Hawaiian pizza but there could be some interesting pizzas out there. Apparently there is a place in northeast Montana that holds the title for weirdest pizza and just from the sound of the ingredients, I have never heard of this combination.

At Eugene's Pizza in Glasgow has a pizza called the Henry "J" Pizza that has sauerkraut on their pizza which is something I have never heard of. This pizza also come with Canadian bacon and apparently you can add black olives and pineapple. Who orders this pizza regularly for this pizza to stay on the menu? I need to know.

Eugene's Pizza via Facebook
Eugene's Pizza via Facebook

I was looking around here in the Gallatin Valley at local pizza spots like Cosmic, Buffalo Bump, Rosa's Pizza and others and they don't offer any type of pizza that even resembles wha they have up in Glasgow. Maybe that is a blessing though. The thought of putting sauerkraut on a pizza seems absolutely bonkers.

That whole combination seems just outrageous and hoenslty, I have no plans on trying that pie but some folks like to live dangerously. I'll just stick to my classic flavors of Pepperoni and Meat Lovers.

If you want more details, check out MSN Lifestyle.

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