Let's take another look another property that is ready to be turned into a brand new business that Bozeman could use.

The old City Center Inn location is now just an empty parking lot and an empty space ready to be made into something that Bozeman might not only love but would be perfect for the downtown area.

Here are a few ideas for what that location could turn into.

Trader Joe's

So there have been rumors of a Trader Joe's possibly coming to Bozeman for a while and as much as this would be great for Bozeman I don't think this will go so close to downtown. I could see this more near Target or even on Huffine.

Downtown Bozeman is very passionate about keeping this local and Trader Joe's is the opposite of what they would want.

Local Hotel

We can't get enough hotels in Bozeman. With the growing tourist seasons we could use some more hotels that are owned locally that will bring some Montana hospitality to outsiders that they will love.

Affordable Housing

Could this be the place where Bozeman finally decides to build affordable apartments for residents? The housing market in the Gallatin Valley is crazy and even apartment rates are sky rocketing so maybe this could be the place where they can build a place where individuals who make minimum wage can live.

Bowling Alley/Movie Theater

Bozeman Bowl is fantastic and everybody loves going there but the problem is there are so many people who love going there there aren't enough lanes for everyone to bowl. A new bowling alley would be perfect and close to enough to downtown where you can walk to and from the best restaurants.

Also, a movie theater would be pretty spectacular because the one at the mall is too small for a town this size. We need another movie theater to provide some competition and that could mean cheaper prices.

What do you think? Any of these ideas work? Let us know what you would like to see.