Halloween is just around the corner and I absolutely love dressing up as something terrifying every year. Last year, I dressed up as Twisty the Clown from American Horror Story(as seen below).

Townsquare Media Bozeman
Townsquare Media Bozeman

Let's just say a small group of people loved this costume, while a majority thought I was a psychopath.

This year though, I am having a tough time figuring out what to dress up as. I have narrowed it down to three choices and I want your input. So here are my three possibilities for Halloween this year.

  • 1

    Frank The Rabbit

    If you have never seen Donnie Darko then you probably have never heard of him. Frank is a creepy full size man bunny with a twisted face and tells people when the world is going to end. Could be fun.

  • 2

    Mr. Chuckle Teeth

    From one of the newer episodes of the X-Files, Mr. Chuckle Teeth has a one of the most terrifying faces ever seen. It's a mask but it's unpleasant to look at. It's just makes you feel uneasy.

  • 3

    Pretzel Jack

    So this would have to be a DIY costume but honestly, it's still super creepy and would freak people out. Pretzel Jack is a character from the horror series Channel Zero and just looking at him you know something isn't right.

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